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Selva Rica is partnering with local indigenous groups like the Kekoldi indigenous reserve in Talamanca hosting media education workshops.  The focus of these workshops is to share insightful films and videos that touch on environmental and social themes relevant to community members and subsequently holding discussion groups that help illuminate these themes.

We are hosting workshops and trainings around the country. Selva RIca is new to Costa Rica so if you are in the region and would like to join our efforts please contact us at

Selva Rica Project in Costa Rica

Recent Media Projects

Durika Foundation

En Espagñol


Durika Foundation

English Version


Lessons in Permaculture

Punta Mona


Ethnographic Filmmaking Course

at the Bri Bri Indigenous Reserve

Oct 14 - 28th, 2012

Jungle Love Rural Retreat

at the Aiko Sustainable Farm

Nov 4 - 18th, 2012

The Selva Rica Project first came to Costa Rica in March of 2011 collaborating with farmers who were creating new models for sustainable living.  Since then, we have come in contact with a number of innovative communities and individuals who have been attracted to Costa Rica’s lush beauty, cultural diversity and environmentally friendly legacy.  Selva Rica is now seeking partnerships with these communities and organizations to help promote feasible models of sustainable living around the world.


While Costa Rica is world renowned for its conservation efforts there remain may threats to the ecology and health of its people.  While nearly 40% of Costa Rica’s land mass constitutes national parks, the forests are still in danger by the stripping of land for cattle production.  Over farming and harmful chemical pesticides in the banana and pineapple industries are ruining the water and inflicting illness on workers.

Message to the World from the Naso

Indigenous People in Panama(Documentary)

Environmental Litter Police

Puerto Viejo Squad

(Short Comedy)

Thirst (Sed)

Created in 30 mins at the Envision Festival Workshop

(Short Comedy)


By Renzo Zanelli & The Banana Girls

(Music Video)


Performed by Bela Dietrich

(Music Video)