Filmmaking Resources


Selva Rica offers workshop participants and artist residents access to the highest quality profession digital recording equipment available.  We want participants to learn how to be technically savvy as well as economical in designing their productions through the producing, editing, and distribution processes.  Below is a brief list of the technical support we provide to all participants.


Screenwriting basics

    How to pick appropriate topics for your film. 

    How to deal with environmental issues through storytelling.

    Organize your plot structure.

Production organization and financing

    How to get a crew together

     Avenues for financing your project

     Cooperative modeling

Equipment you have access to:


    2 Canon 5d mark ii

    1 Canon 5d mark iii

Audio Recording

    Sennehiser boom kit

    Wireless Senneheiser microphones

    Juicelink Audio mixer

    Tube mic for recording

    Duet Audio Interface


    Manfrotto Tripods

    Manfrotto Monopod

    Steadicam rig for 5d

    Six foot dolly for 5d


    Final Cut Pro 7.0 Mac Stations

    FCP tutorials

    Colorista color correction training

    Mixing and fixing sound training

    Adding music to your projects



    Codex formatting and Compression for web and DVD


    DVD Studio Pro

    Web outreach techniques

    Film Festival know-how

    Making your own campaigns