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In 2011 Selva Rica began a partnership with the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony to bring talented artists to the Woodstock area for summer residencies and workshops.  Woodstock is a small arts community located in the Hudson Valley 2 hours north of New York City. Countless progressive artists have been calling Woodstock their home since the turn of the last century.  In the 1960 and 70’s Woodstock became world famous for hosting musicians like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Johnny Cash.  Today Woodstock carries on a strong tradition of supporting young artists, through organizations like The Byrdcliffe Guild.

Byrdcliffe is a regional center for the arts with a 250 acre mountainside campus offering an integrated program of exhibitions, performance, and classes while remaining one of the oldest running arts colonies in North America, operating since 1902. Drawing on the distinct cultural diversity of New York City, we are able to bring a wide selection of artists form various disciplines to this idyllic mountain retreat to produce works that are inspired by the nature around us. 

The Performing Arts Residency, offered in conjunction with Selva RIca, invites artists of all performative disciplines including musicians, dancers, actors, playwrights, singers, puppeteers, and more to join us for a summer of collaboration. The Byrdcliffe Artist in Residence Program provides uninterrupted time, creative space and an inspiring environment to artists of exceptional talent. Two week and month long residencies are available to performing artists in the months of June, July, and August. It is our mission to provide solitude in a creative community and uninterrupted time in which to concentrate on producing independent and enduring creative work alongside fellow artists. Residents will be housed in one of Byrdcliffe’s classic arts and crafts buildings with access to two performance spaces; the Byrdcliffe Playhouse, and the Barn, as well as 300 acres of woods adjoining the Catskill State Park. The residents will have the opportunity to share their work every week, culminating in a live performance at the end of each session. To learn more email us at info@selvarica.com

The natural beauty of Byrdcliffe’s campus is the perfect place for quiet reflection and creative inspiration.  To learn more about Byrdcliffe’s beautiful campus and rich history please visit www.woodstockguild.org

For any questions about the Performing Arts Residency please contact us at info@selvarica.com


Selva Rica Project in Woodstock, NY

Screen Actors Workshop

At the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony

July 8- 29th, 2012

Now accepting applications!

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Byrdcliffe Artist in Residency Open Studio 2011

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Byrdcliffe Artist in Residency Open Studio 2011

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