Environmental Filmmaking in the Catskills

At the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony

Woodstock, NY

Full Session: August 5 - 26th, 2012

Weekend Drop-in: August 11-12th, 2012



Have you ever wanted to get an important message across to millions viewers with a short film?  We have the tools, all we need is time, space, and collaboration to generate meaningful media that changes our world for the better. Join us for three weeks in the gorgeous catskills state park as we immerse ourselves in an intensive filmmaking experience. Working along side professional talent from all over the world, we will create provocative social media about our environment.  Whether you are a writer, actor, photographer, or social activist, your talents and interests will be vital to this collaboration. Our goal is simple; make media that tells people what they need to know about protecting our planet and then show them how to do it with fun creative storytelling.

Participating in a cooperative workshop means that everyone does a little of everything, ensuring our production is as much about learning as it is about creative expression. This allows us to be flexible, respond to our environment and creative impulses, as well as come up with great ideas on the spot. Using improvisation and documentary techniques we will shoot, record, and edit together everyday.  We offer access to the highest quality professional video equipment.  We will shoot on Canon 5d Mark ii cameras, record sound with Sennheiser mic kits, edit on Final Cut Pro bays.  You will be trained in directing actors,  learn color correction, as well as developing plot points.  We will meet 5 - 6 hours a day in a group five days a week. By the end of the three week workshop, participants will have a completed a professionally shot environmental film they can call their own.

Annika Beaulieu Producer/Camera/Editor/Musician

BA Art History, University of California Santa Barbara

MA International Affairs, The New School GPIA

Annika Beaulieu is a filmmaker and activist who has been working all over the world in media production and community development. She has worked as a research associate in economic policy in Bangladesh, women’s rights in South Africa, and environmental security in New York.  Annika began her filmmaking career in Germany at Oval Filmmacher producing TV documentaries for ARTE. She assisted editing Oscar Nominated Darfur Now (2007) and worked on the Sundance Film Fund feature Good Fortune (2010). In 2007 she met Renzo Zanelli while working on the Black Boot Beach production, Son of Tango Kid (2011) in Argentina.  There they started experimenting with cooperative filmmaking models and decided to start using the techniques to explore social and environmental imperatives in film, thus forming Selva RIca.

Renzo Zanelli Producer/Director/Camera/Editor/Musician

BA Cinema Studies, University of Chicago

A native of Peru and the US, Renzo Zanelli has worked for nearly 10 years as a professional director of photography, editor, director and producer.  Renzo has produced and directed a number of award winning films including, Pamina: Hysteria and Mozart’s Magic Flute (2005) and El Perro del Hortelano (2010).  In 2006 Renzo joined the cooperative filmmaking company Black Boot Beach, and produced The Orange Thief (2006) in Sicily winning Best in Show at the Woodstock Film Festival, and The Son of Tango Kid in Argentina (2011).  In 2007 Renzo joined forces with Annika Beaulieu to found the Selva Rica Project. Renzo works to create films that share a positive message with humanity about our future and past.  A true romantic, Renzo’s work captures the deep beauty present in nature, music, and the various faces of our planet.


Who Can Apply?

Anyone sincerely interested in filmmaking and fun! Professional experience is helpful for admission, but is not essential. However, spaces are limited, so apply now!

Selva Rica is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and disability.

How to Apply

Send the following materials via email to info@selvarica.com no later than July 21st, 2012

Copy of your professional resume (PDF)

Work samples: Any link to a video of your work or an Mp3 with recorded performances.  Supporting photos are also helpful.

A short statement about why you are interested in participating in Environmental Filmmaking in the Catskills.

All materials should be emailed to info@selvarica.com

*All artists will be asked to have a phone, in person, or skype interview prior to being admitted to the program.


Full Session: August 5 - 26th, 2012

$1800 includes accommodation at the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony with a private room and shared facilities.

$800 includes instruction, no accommodation.

Weekend Drop-in: August 11- 12th, 2012

$350 includes 4 hours a day of instruction.

Above fees cover all related activities over the course of Environmental Filmmaking Workshop. Fellowships are available to offset all or part of the fee based on financial need. No one should be discouraged from applying on financial grounds.


For questions please email us at info@selvarica.com  or call at (347) 269-0669


Now Accepting Applications!

Contact us for more info on how you

can participate at info@selvarica.com


Participants are welcome to stay at the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony, a sprawling 250 acre campus and one of the oldest running arts colonies in North America, operating since 1902.  Each building is a handcrafted, heralding the 'back to nature' arts and crafts movement in the turn of the last century.  Wild flowers, oaks, and our very own natural spring belie the fact that Byrdcliffe sits just 5 minutes from the center of Woodstock town where you'll find delicious organic restaurants, local crafts, antiques, and Woodstock's legendary music scene. This idyllic mountain retreat is just 2 hours from New York City. 

Guests are welcome to stay in the beautifully restored Byrdcliffe Farmhouse with a variety of options ranging from a single, double, or triple rooms.  Facilities are shared and our water comes from a private natural spring on our land. 



Oleg Kheyfets Acting Director/ Writer  Oleg is a theatre director with twenty-five years of international experience directing over forty plays. Mr. Kheyfets began his career directing young audiences in his native Russia.  He has directed six productions for Russian TV, four of which received honors and awards. In the United States, he has worked off-Broadway directing Arthur Miller's The Creation of the World and Other Business, and in Miami as Co-Producing Artistic Director of the PlayGround Theatre.  Mr. Kheyfets has taught acting and directing in various institutions including Columbia University and Stella Adler Conservatory. HIs last feature film, El Perro del Hortelano, produced with Selva Rica won 5 international film festival awards, including Best Screenplay at the Latin American Film Festival in Rome, Italy.

Selva Rica offers workshop participants and artist residents access to the highest quality profession digital recording equipment available.  We want participants to learn how to be technically savvy as well as economical in designing their productions through the producing, editing, and distribution processes.  Click here to learn more about the technical support we offer.