About Us



Selva Rica was founded in 2007 when a group of artists came together to help preserve indigenous cultures and the environment in Peru’s Amazon basin by using film and visual arts to transmit their story to the rest of the world.   Equipped with basic digital camcorders, we set out to document daily life, write and direct our own scripts, and illuminate traditional folklore through film in educational creative workshops with indigenous youth.

We soon came to the conclusion that what would make our project really valuable is if we could collaborate our media work with other innovative teachers and visionaries around the world and build a network of knowledge sharing about a better way to live on this planet.  This network grew into an international community of creative thinkers using education and creative tools to generate meaningful conversations about our environment and the way we live in it. 

By 2010 we had produced our first ever feature film, El Perro del Hortelano, about an indigenous painter who organizes his community to resist the American oil company threatening their reserve.  Selva Rica has gone on to help visual artists too like painter Brus Rubio Churay raise funds for his art school in the Amazon. In 2011 Selva Rica began a partnership with the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony located in Woodstock, NY where we are offering performing arts residencies and workshops.  Selva Rica now also works with musicians, offers course trainings, retreats and produces a wide array of films and media in New York, Peru, and Costa Rica promoting a more sustainable way of life.


Selva Rica is a creative community working to promote a sustainable way of living. We are educators, artists, media makers, and visionaries working around the world to inspire solutions for a more peaceful, diverse, and healthier planet. The Selva Rica Project encompasses a variety of ways to share this message including workshops, trainings, retreats, and media production.

Sustainable way of living - We aim to share knowledge that helps people make choices that fundamentally improve the wellbeing of all living things.  We often participate in a culture that encourages us to take more than we need at a fatal cost to other individuals, communities, ecosystems, and living creatures. All of Selva Rica’s projects aim to promote a culture of cooperation and appreciation for the diversity of this planet.